Ethan Ridenour
Junior Partner, Operations Manager

Ethan Ridenour

Ethan Ridenour, a recent graduate from Texas Christian University, brings to Black Raven an impressive mix of academic excellence and professional experience in management and marketing. His diverse background includes key roles in The Vanguard Network, TCU's leadership programs, and community service organizations. Ethan's dedication and belief in teamwork make him a valuable addition to the Black Raven team.

About Ethan Ridenour

Ethan Ridenour is an emerging force in management and marketing, currently making his mark as a Junior Partner at Black Raven. Graduating from Texas Christian University (TCU) in the spring of 2023, Ethan has keen interests in the health and technology sectors.

During his time at TCU's John V. Roach Honors College – College of Science and Engineering, Ethan majored in Combined Science with a minor in General Business. His relentless dedication and effort earned him the recognition of TCU's Outstanding Senior, a testament to his leadership abilities, commitment, and academic excellence.

In his professional journey, Ethan served as a Management Consulting Associate with The Vanguard Network in New York City, where he worked closely with the CEO to develop a business development action plan promoting high-performance leadership. He also crafted a strategic marketing plan to bolster engagement with their extensive clientele of over 1500 C-suite executives and board members. Ethan's role further extended to quality control, reviewing over 200 videos, and initiating the Global Impact Initiative aimed at increasing collaboration between profit and nonprofit stakeholders.

As Director at TCU Frog Camp, Ethan demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, managing a large budget and executing 13 transition camps for over 2000 first-year students. His successful collaborations with vendors and ability to align student and organizational objectives highlight his aptitude for negotiation and strategic planning.

As the Director of Service Leaders at TCU Day of Service, Ethan oversaw an organization that made a significant economic impact within nearby districts. As a member of the TCU Chancellor's Leadership Program, he contributed to a Social Change Legacy Project for the TCU campus and local community.

Ethan's commitment to inclusivity is clear from his role as DEI Executive Chair in Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, where he partnered with TCU IFC to promote an inclusive Greek environment. His community involvement further extends to the Rotary Club, Paradox Church, and TCU Entrepreneurship Club.

On a personal level, Ethan enjoys dancing, cooking, and boxing, while also immersing himself in movies, video games, and foreign languages. He possesses a passion for traveling and is always eager to explore new cultures and environments.

As a Junior Partner at Black Raven, Ethan brings a broad skillset, impressive leadership experience, and a deep interest in management and marketing. His belief in the power of effort, attitude, and teamwork perfectly aligns with the ethos of Black Raven, advocating for shared success and collective achievement. Ethan's drive, dedication, and diverse skillset continue to add substantial value to the Black Raven team.