Jeremy James
Senior Partner, Director of Development

Jeremy James

Jeremy James, an Arkansas native, rose from a family HVAC business to become the President of Black Raven, overcoming numerous personal and professional challenges along the way. His diverse background in sports, finance, and IT led him to create a business intelligence analytics platform that revolutionized corporate decision-making. Today, his resilient spirit, hard work, and creativity drive Black Raven's growth and innovation.

About Jeremy James

Jeremy James' story begins in Springdale, Arkansas, where he grew up amidst the hustle and bustle of his family's HVAC business and the thrill of playing sports. The hard work ethic instilled in him at an early age shaped the contours of his journey in the years to come.

As a young man, Jeremy had a knack for football, earning himself a Division 2 scholarship. But life isn't linear, and neither was Jeremy's trajectory. For Jeremy, the allure of the football scholarship did not overshadow the importance of camaraderie and enjoying his youth. Choosing a path less ordinary, he traded the football field for a return to the comforts of home and the halls of the University of Arkansas.

Yet, the siren call of football lured him back, leading to another pursuit in the sport. However, that chapter closed prematurely, much like the one before it, ending with Jeremy back at his roots, a part of the workforce, seemingly stagnant professionally, but not entirely without gains. During this period of introspection, a newfound responsibility found him, in the form of a Beagle named Bella, a gift from his girlfriend.

Inspired by Bella and an urge to create a better life, Jeremy relocated to a quiet college town in Northeast Oklahoma. Far away from distractions, he set out on a path to reinvent himself, this time driven by focus and responsibility rather than the fickleness of youth.

It was a journey fraught with challenges, but Jeremy rose to the occasion. When financial aid ran dry in his final year, he rolled up his sleeves and worked for an oil and gas service company. The job was demanding, often requiring him to commute four hours round trip on class days. Yet, he persevered. After seven challenging years, Jeremy's grit paid off as he graduated with honors, armed with a degree in Finance and a minor in Economics.

Shortly after graduation, Jeremy's personal life took a joyful turn. He married his girlfriend, the woman who had inspired his transformation, and the couple settled in Edmond, Oklahoma. However, Jeremy’s professional journey was far from over. A call from an executive in Houston beckoned him to a new chapter, a chance to prove himself on a larger stage.

Jeremy's experience in the family business, coupled with his blue-collar work ethic and creativity, helped him thrive in the corporate environment. He transitioned from running service in the oil and gas company to becoming the US Business Efficiency Manager within three years. Along the way, he picked up skills in SQL, C#, and M script, which he used to develop a business intelligence analytics platform. The tool revolutionized the company's operations, making data-driven decisions a reality.

The next phase of his career, however, served as a harsh reminder that not all that glitters is gold. A move to a smaller oil and gas service company promised progress but delivered only frustration. Stifled by resistance to change and the feeling of stepping backwards professionally, Jeremy found himself at a crossroads.

Responding to his family's needs and the desire for a supportive environment, Jeremy decided to return home to Edmond. He reconnected with his previous company, accepting a role as the Global IT Portfolio Manager. It was a smooth transition, and life seemed to be back on track. However, an undercurrent of dissatisfaction lingered. Despite successfully managing significant IT initiatives, Jeremy yearned for more.

The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world on its head, and Jeremy’s professional life was no exception. The energy sector's downturn resulted in downsizing efforts, and Jeremy found himself on the chopping block. His lifeline came from his old boss, who offered him a position in his previous department, albeit with a pay cut. Despite the setback, Jeremy was grateful for the opportunity to continue contributing.

While the pandemic continued to shake the world, Jeremy's entrepreneurial spirit was undeterred. Using his acquired skills in IT and development, he started crafting unique websites for businesses, earning a steady income during a turbulent time. This endeavor laid the foundation for Black Raven.

Seeing the potential in his venture, Jeremy sought out Sam Houston, co-founder of Black Raven. Together, they leveraged their combined experience to transform Black Raven into a full-fledged marketing firm.

Jeremy James' story serves as a vivid testament to the resilience of the American entrepreneurial spirit. From a small town boy to the President of Black Raven, Jeremy's journey, punctuated with trials, tribulations, and triumphs, demonstrates the fruits of hard work, determination, and innovative thinking. His tale underscores that sometimes, the long and winding road, replete with setbacks and reroutes, can indeed lead to extraordinary destinations.