Sam Houston
Senior Partner, Director of Content

Sam Houston

Sam Houston, co-founder of Black Raven, harnessed his experiences from working in the family business and a career in sports media to create a successful marketing firm with his friend, John. After years of overcoming hardship and uncertainty, Sam's charisma and industry knowledge have made him a leading figure in the marketing world. Together with John, they continue to transform Black Raven into a testament of resilience and entrepreneurial success.

About Sam Houston

Sam Houston's story, much like President John Carter's, begins in Springdale, Arkansas. The two both grew up working in their family's businesses, and with the gridiron as their playground, they cultivated a shared love for sports that would become an integral part of their journeys.

Sam was no stranger to the allure of the football field. Fresh out of high school, his talent and dedication earned him a place at the University of Oklahoma. Yet, as with John, the straightforward path of a collegiate athlete wasn't in the cards for Sam. The dreams of football glory ended prematurely, the reality of which plunged him into a period of exploration that extended far beyond the classrooms and playing fields.

The subsequent years of Sam's life were marked by constant change and uncertainty, leading him down the same path of college hopping that John had tread. Yet, these times were more challenging for Sam. With no consistent source of income, he found himself oscillating between periods of unemployment and bouts of couch-hopping. Despite the chaos, he maintained an optimistic outlook, relying on the resilience he had built playing football and the work ethic instilled in him during his days at the family business.

His fortunes took a turn when he found refuge in a humble one-bedroom apartment in Northeast Oklahoma, shared by none other than his long-time friend, John Carter. John, ever resourceful, transformed a closet into a makeshift bedroom for Sam. Their living situation, as unconventional as it might have been, provided Sam with a stable base from which to reboot his life. Inspired by his friend's resolve, Sam, too, began to turn his life around.

He enrolled in the local college, much like John, persevering through years of hard work and finally earning his degree. Unlike John, however, Sam's educational journey did not end with his undergraduate studies. He set his sights higher, moving to Kansas City to attend the University of Missouri–Kansas City for graduate studies.

His move to Kansas City opened up an unexpected opportunity. With his background in sports, he landed a job with the Kansas City Royals, marking the start of his career in sports media. It was the beginning of a challenging but rewarding journey.

However, it was in Texas where Sam's career truly blossomed. After a brief period in Dallas, Sam moved to Austin, where the vibrant sports culture and burgeoning tech scene provided the perfect launchpad for his ambitions. His charisma, knowledge, and hard work eventually propelled him to become a recognized name in sports media.

Yet, despite his success in Austin, Sam yearned for something more - a venture that would allow him to leverage his skills and create value on his own terms. An opportunity presented itself when John, who had been developing websites for businesses, reached out with a proposition to build something bigger. Sam, with his deep understanding of the sports industry and his savvy in media, was the perfect complement to John's technical expertise.

Together, they transformed John's fledgling web development venture into Black Raven, a full-fledged marketing firm. The two shared resilience, nurtured through their trials and tribulations, coupled with their determination and innovation, culminated in a venture that now stands as a testament to their journey.

Sam Houston’s story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, a reminder that our paths are seldom straight, and often, the detours lead us to our true calling. His journey from an aspiring football player to co-founding Black Raven exemplifies the values of perseverance, tenacity, and ingenuity. Sam's tale serves as an inspiration that it is indeed possible to rise from the ashes, transform adversity into opportunity, and carve a path of success on one's own terms.