Black Raven fueled jayBird's ascent with a transformative marketing strategy, inspired design, and elevated digital presence.

Black Raven fueled jayBird's ascent with a transformative marketing strategy, inspired design, and elevated digital presence.
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Project Brief

Navigating the challenging terrain of the oil and gas industry, jayBird, a specialized consulting firm, sought the expertise of Black Raven to amplify their digital presence, refine their brand identity, and enhance their marketing reach. Their mission was clear - to bridge the gap between business process inefficiencies and optimum performance for small to medium-sized oil and gas service companies. Black Raven embarked on this project, aimed at expanding jayBird's visibility while authentically reflecting their unique, hands-on approach to consulting.

Building on their immersive methodology, jayBird engaged with Black Raven to elevate their brand and drive engagement across digital platforms. The task at hand was not just to project their specialized services, but also to tell their story - of partnership, innovation, and excellence. The essence of the project was to embed the strength of jayBird's services and their profound understanding of the oil and gas sector into a comprehensive marketing strategy, while keeping their target audience at the core of it all.

Client Background

jayBird, with its roots firmly established in the oil and gas sector, is a consulting firm like no other. Their mission is to bolster the efficiency of small to medium-sized service companies struggling with systemic inefficiencies, inventory management issues, and limited visibility into actionable insights. jayBird's unique 'boots-on-the-ground' approach sets them apart, as they dive into the operations of their clients, understanding their unique challenges, and crafting solutions from the inside out.

Offering both on-site and remote consulting services, jayBird operates as an extension of their clients' teams. They observe, learn, and even step into roles within client companies, fostering a deep understanding of internal processes. Their services encompass an array of solutions, including the implementation of modern, integrated software platforms, developing role-based analytics suites, and optimizing data entry and reporting systems. By doing so, jayBird creates lean, scalable, and repeatable processes that provide their clients with top-tier expertise without the burden of excessive salary costs.

Despite their comprehensive services and hands-on approach, jayBird faced challenges in conveying their unique selling proposition to potential clients. With the objective to enhance their market visibility, build a strong brand identity, and drive engagement, they sought the expertise of Black Raven to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level.


Recognizing jayBird's need to effectively communicate their unique value proposition, Black Raven designed a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to their needs. The strategy focused on five key pillars: web design and development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), brand development, analytics and reporting, and content marketing.

Web design and development were the first steps to establishing a compelling digital presence. The aim was to create a user-friendly and intuitive website that not only reflected jayBird's brand values but also demonstrated their expertise and unique approach. Seamless navigation and engaging content were the keystones of the design strategy to ensure visitors found what they needed quickly and easily.

SEO efforts were geared towards improving jayBird's visibility in search engine results. This included keyword research to identify search terms potential clients were likely to use, optimizing on-page SEO elements, and creating quality backlinks to establish authority.

Brand development was paramount in crafting jayBird's image in the market. From defining a distinctive brand voice to creating a compelling visual identity, every aspect was carefully designed to resonate with their target audience and set them apart in the crowded oil and gas sector.

Analytics and reporting were used to continuously track and measure the performance of the implemented strategies. This allowed for data-driven decisions and adjustments to be made promptly, ensuring optimal results.

Content marketing played a vital role in demonstrating jayBird's authority and expertise. Engaging, valuable content was created and shared across multiple channels, establishing jayBird as a thought leader in their industry. This content served not only to inform and educate potential clients about industry challenges and solutions, but also to build trust and foster relationships.

With these strategic efforts, Black Raven aimed to elevate jayBird's brand, enhance their digital visibility, and position them as the go-to consulting firm for service companies in the oil and gas industry.

Design Inspiration

Drawing from jayBird's company ethos, Black Raven fashioned a design scheme for the website and overall brand that beautifully encapsulated the essence of their work in the oil and gas industry. The primary colors of Horizon Blue, Sunrise Gold, and Forged Graphite, played a crucial role in this creative endeavor, with each color mirroring a different facet of the brand’s personality.

The selection of Horizon Blue was inspired by the expansive sky, a nod to the company's namesake, the jayBird. Not only did it symbolize their ceaseless quest for knowledge and improvement, but it also communicated their agility and adaptability, embodied in the strength of a feather that enables flight. This element of lightness was intended to resonate with clients, reflecting jayBird's dedication to easing their operational burdens.

Sunrise Gold lent the design a warmth and positivity, alluding to the dawn of new, tailored solutions and the golden opportunities that jayBird helps create for their clients. The golden circle enveloping the feather in their logo underscored their commitment to unity and comprehensive support, bringing to life the company's mission to forge meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Forged Graphite was employed to convey the strength and stability inherent in jayBird’s brand, signifying their steadfast dedication to clients and their drive for excellence. This color also offered a modern and professional touch to the overall design.

The interplay of these colors and symbols in the design translated into a powerful visual narrative that was not only aesthetically pleasing, but also aligned with jayBird's brand values and ambitions. The result was a design that made a memorable impression, symbolizing jayBird’s commitment to foster progress and propel their clients towards their aspirations.


At the conclusion of our collaboration, jayBird emerged with a reinvigorated brand and a powerful online presence, all tailored to resonate with their target audience in the oil and gas service industry. The revamped website, with its blend of Horizon Blue, Sunrise Gold, and Forged Graphite, breathed new life into their digital persona, while the strategic SEO and content marketing efforts worked in harmony to raise their visibility in a crowded marketplace.

The implementation of effective analytics and reporting systems brought a newfound clarity to jayBird's business insights, enabling them to make data-driven decisions. Moreover, the social media marketing campaign gave them a robust platform to engage with their audience, share valuable content, and build lasting relationships.

Black Raven's strategic, client-centric approach proved instrumental in translating jayBird's unique brand ethos into tangible business results. It was a testament to our ability to grasp the complexities of our clients' businesses and craft tailored marketing strategies that align with their objectives.

The successful completion of this project underscores the potency of collaboration, creativity, and strategic marketing in driving growth and elevating brand identities. As Black Raven continues to adapt, innovate, and deliver exceptional service, we look forward to bringing similar successes to future clients.