Black Raven amplified RW Elite's unique brand, optimized their online presence, and delivered a tailored, scalable, results-driven marketing strategy.

Black Raven amplified RW Elite's unique brand, optimized their online presence, and delivered a tailored, scalable, results-driven marketing strategy.
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Project Brief

In the heartland of Oklahoma City, where the prairie winds whisper tales of resilience, RW Elite was busy crafting a legacy in the roofing industry. Committed to providing elite craftsmanship, affordable solutions, and guaranteed satisfaction, they were the dependable roofers with a heart. However, there was a need to translate this ethos into a resonant marketing language, one that was as enduring as their roofs. Enter Black Raven Media, the Dallas-based marketing maverick with a knack for telling authentic stories. Our task? To amplify RW Elite's brand image, optimize their web presence, and streamline their online customer journey.

But here's the thing. RW Elite was more than just a roofing company. It was the brainchild of Robert Stuteville, a man who knew the ins and outs of industrial craftsmanship and quality management frameworks like the back of his hand. His vision for RW Elite was deeply influenced by his background in custom sheet metal fabrication and his love for the rugged aesthetics of the automotive and racing culture. Black Raven's mission was to channel this unique persona into a dynamic brand narrative and a robust digital presence. It was a challenge we were excited to take on.

Client Background

RW Elite is a name that resonates with dependability and quality in the bustling roofing industry of the mid-con region in the United States. Known for their exceptional commercial and residential roofing services, they have been the go-to roofers for homeowners and businesses alike. RW Elite offered more than just roofing services; they offered peace of mind, and that was a value deeply ingrained in their DNA.

Behind the name RW Elite stood a man of mettle and determination - Robert Stuteville, the owner and general manager. He was the heart and soul of RW Elite, a seasoned veteran who cut his teeth in the industrial and blue-collar industries. His style, a reflection of his upbringing and influences, was a unique blend of rugged aesthetics and a management style honed by quality frameworks like ISO and API. This unique persona informed the way RW Elite conducted its business - quality-first and customer-centric.

However, conveying this persona effectively to their target audience was a challenge. Their brand image was yet to fully embrace Robert's unique style and the ethos of RW Elite. The existing logo, with its biker-esque aesthetic, was a start, but it needed more - a comprehensive brand narrative that could connect with their audience on a deeper level. Moreover, RW Elite's digital presence was yet to be optimized for search engines, and there was a need for a more user-friendly web interface.

In a nutshell, RW Elite wanted to enhance their brand identity, improve their digital footprint, and streamline their customer journey online. They sought a marketing partner who could understand their unique persona and translate it into a compelling brand story. And that's where Black Raven Media came into the picture. Armed with our expertise and a passion for storytelling, we embarked on this journey with RW Elite, ready to help them forge a stronger brand identity in the digital landscape.


Navigating the twists and turns of a marketing revamp is a bit like a long-haul road trip. You need the right mix of planning, flexibility, and a keen understanding of the landscape to reach your destination. And, of course, a healthy dose of easygoing confidence.

First things first, we started with the website. Just as RW Elite ensured the stability of a structure with a well-built roof, we ensured their digital foundation was solid with a user-friendly, intuitive website. Using our web design and development expertise, we created an online platform that showcased RW Elite's services and ethos effectively and authentically. We crafted a user experience that was a true reflection of the RW Elite journey - dependable, straightforward, and satisfying.

Next, we harnessed the power of SEO to make sure RW Elite's digital presence wasn't just a needle in the proverbial haystack. We optimized their content, made use of strategic keywords, and ensured that their website was easily discoverable by their target audience. This wasn't just about getting RW Elite noticed; it was about making sure the right people found them at the right time.

With the web and SEO components in place, we turned our attention to brand development. The RW Elite logo already had a distinct, biker-esque charm to it, embodying Robert's love for automotive sheet metal fabrication and his hot rods. But a brand is more than just a logo; it's a story. We worked closely with RW Elite to develop this story, using Robert's unique persona as a blueprint. We amplified the logo's existing aesthetics with a comprehensive brand narrative that connected with their target audience, instilling a sense of trust and shared values.

Lastly, we used analytics and reporting to measure the impact of our strategies. This wasn't just number-crunching; it was about gaining insights into what worked, what didn't, and how we could continuously improve RW Elite's digital journey. Through regular reporting, we ensured RW Elite was always in the loop about their performance, keeping the journey transparent and the conversation open.

In essence, our strategy wasn't just about ticking off a checklist; it was about understanding RW Elite's unique needs and translating them into a tailored, comprehensive marketing approach. It was about taking that Mike Rowe-like authenticity, rolling up our sleeves, and doing the hard work to deliver real, measurable results.

Design Inspiration

Creating a design that truly captures the essence of a brand is a bit like crafting a custom hotrod – it's all about attention to detail, individuality, and an understanding of the soul beneath the surface. Just as Robert Stuteville grew up working on hotrods, we too set to work, assembling a design that was as unique as RW Elite itself.

We started with the logo, a biker-esque symbol that was already a powerful visual representation of the brand's identity. Its strong, rugged features encapsulated the spirit of RW Elite, a company deeply rooted in blue-collar industries, a company that wasn't afraid to roll up its sleeves and get the job done right. Our goal was to take this symbol and expand it into a comprehensive visual language that resonated across all aspects of the brand.

Our design inspiration came from the world of custom sheet metal fabrication - a world where precision meets creativity, and utility marries aesthetics. We wanted to capture the essence of this world, blending industrial design elements with a warm, inviting color palette. This way, we could reflect not only the brand's craftsmanship but also the sense of trust and dependability it evoked in its customers.

We translated this inspiration into the website design, creating a user interface that was as practical and intuitive as it was visually compelling. The site was designed to be straightforward and easy to navigate, mirroring RW Elite's customer-focused approach and commitment to providing hassle-free solutions.

Our goal was to create a design that told the story of RW Elite, a design that captured the brand's ethos of quality, integrity, and satisfaction. And just like a well-crafted roof, our design served as a protective shell for RW Elite's identity, amplifying their voice and presence in the digital landscape. It was a design that was as true and authentic as the brand itself, one that was not just seen but also felt. Just like Matthew McConaughey might say, it was more than alright, alright, alright. It was RW Elite.


A roof isn't built in a day, and neither is a brand's identity. It takes the right tools, the right materials, and the right vision to create something that not only stands the test of time but also weathers the storm of industry competition. For RW Elite, their journey to a stronger brand identity was a partnership with Black Raven Media, and together, we built something truly enduring.

Through our comprehensive marketing strategy, we reshaped RW Elite's online presence, creating a user-friendly website that reflected their ethos and commitment to quality. We optimized their SEO, making them easily discoverable by the right audience at the right time. And by developing a compelling brand narrative, we amplified RW Elite's unique persona, strengthening their connection with their target audience.

Just as RW Elite builds roofs that provide security and peace of mind, we too provided them with a foundation of trust and transparency. Through regular analytics and reporting, we kept RW Elite informed about their performance, ensuring they had a clear view of their progress and the areas of potential improvement.

But this journey wasn't just about numbers and metrics. It was about people. It was about understanding RW Elite's unique needs and translating them into tangible results. It was about rolling up our sleeves, getting our hands dirty, and delivering real, measurable outcomes. And in the process, we didn't just help RW Elite build a stronger brand identity; we built a lasting partnership.

In the words of Mike Rowe, "The thing to do is to get good at something that's needed and appreciated. And if you can do that, then work isn't really work." For us at Black Raven, helping RW Elite wasn't just work. It was a privilege. It was an opportunity to do what we do best – telling authentic stories, driving impactful results, and helping our clients soar to new heights. And that, folks, is the real story of RW Elite's marketing revamp.