We revitalized Sip 'n Kick's brand, by blending Old West spirit and modern design, boosting engagement, and stirring customer connections.

We revitalized Sip 'n Kick's brand, by blending Old West spirit and modern design, boosting engagement, and stirring customer connections.

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Project Brief

Stepping into the exciting realm of coffee and adventure, we were lucky enough to work with Sip 'n Kick, a mobile coffee business offering an unforgettable experience to coffee enthusiasts far and wide. Owned and led by the dynamic retired Navy veteran, Andy Gaines, the company sought to infuse a new vigor into their marketing, aiming to reach a wider audience and deliver their unique blend of coffee and camaraderie to more folks in their community.

Black Raven Media was entrusted with this challenge - to shape a captivating marketing campaign that mirrored Sip 'n Kick's vibrant spirit, and to amplify their online presence while staying true to their roots. This involved a blend of brand development, web design, SEO, analytics, and content marketing. The objectives were clear: enhance brand visibility, draw in potential customers, and create a seamless online experience that resonates with the energy and passion that Sip 'n Kick brings to the coffee world.

Client Background

Sip 'n Kick, co-founded by retired Navy veteran, Andy Gaines, is a testament to a love for premium coffee and a commitment to excellence. It's a mobile coffee company that not only serves hand-crafted coffee but also delivers an experience, an adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. Every cup is a journey in itself, made from carefully sourced organic beans and served with the heartfelt dedication of a veteran-owned business.

Their mobile coffee centers are a beacon of joy at community events, festivals, or private gatherings, where they transform any setting into a vibrant café. Andy's vision for Sip 'n Kick was to bring the art of coffee making directly to the customers, to let them experience the process, and to savor the richness of freshly brewed coffee right where they are.

However, Sip 'n Kick faced a challenge. Despite their unique business model and exceptional coffee, they found it difficult to reach a wider audience. Their online presence wasn't reflecting their dynamic brand, and they needed a way to connect with more potential customers digitally. They wanted their website and overall online persona to portray their unique blend of coffee culture and adventure, as well as pay tribute to Andy's Navy roots. The goal was to create an engaging and appealing online platform that would draw people in, just like the aroma of their fresh coffee.


To address the challenges faced by Sip 'n Kick and help them achieve their goals, Black Raven devised a comprehensive, multi-pronged marketing strategy.

First, we tackled web design and development. The aim was to construct a website that reflected Sip 'n Kick's spirit and values, ensuring it was clean, modern, and engaging, mirroring their real-world coffee centers. Interactive elements were integrated, and the overall design was made responsive for a seamless user experience across different devices.

Next, Black Raven dove deep into brand development. We fine-tuned Sip 'n Kick's brand messaging to highlight their unique selling points: the mobile coffee experience, the veteran-owned background, and the passionate commitment to quality. The brand's color scheme, a vibrant mix of red, white, and blue, was prominently featured to pay tribute to Andy's Navy roots.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) played a vital role in improving Sip 'n Kick's online visibility. We optimized their website content with carefully selected keywords, improving their ranking on search engines and increasing the chances of discovery by potential customers.

We also launched a content marketing initiative, creating engaging and informative content that resonated with coffee lovers and adventure seekers alike. This involved blogs, articles, and social media posts highlighting the Sip 'n Kick experience and the quality of their hand-crafted coffee.

Finally, we leveraged analytics and reporting to track the performance of our strategies. Regular analysis allowed us to identify what worked best and make data-driven adjustments to our approach, ensuring optimal results for Sip 'n Kick.

Through these concerted efforts, Black Raven aimed to bring Sip 'n Kick's online presence to life, making it as dynamic and engaging as their mobile coffee centers, and effectively reaching out to their target audience.

Design Inspiration

The inspiration behind Sip 'n Kick's design was a unique and engaging fusion of Andy's Navy roots, the spirit of the Old West, and a love for horses, all underpinned by a vibrant, energetic brand personality. These themes were not only distinct and personal to Sip 'n Kick, but also resonated with their larger mission to offer an extraordinary coffee experience that's both fun and memorable.

The color scheme of red, white, and blue is a clear nod to Andy's Navy background and a testament to their patriotic spirit. This palette became the foundation of the design, infusing each page with an energy and vibrancy that speaks to Sip 'n Kick's dynamic personality.

Paying tribute to the romance of the Old West and Andy's wife's love for horses, we incorporated elements of this theme throughout the design in a modern and stylized way. This was manifested in the form of subtle details, such as the use of classic typography and iconography, which added an element of vintage charm without compromising the overall modern aesthetic.

For the brand's personality, we took a cue from the lively energy intrinsic to their founder, Andy. This was reflected in the playful interaction elements on the website - from animated button hovers to reactive visual elements, all designed to engage and entertain visitors, just as Andy's vibrant personality does in real life.

In essence, our inspiration for Sip 'n Kick's design was a unique and personal story, beautifully blending elements of patriotism, the allure of the Old West, and a love for horses into a modern, engaging, and visually captivating theme that perfectly embodies the brand's lively energy.


In conclusion, the project was a success story of creatively blending personal inspiration, a keen understanding of the client's unique needs, and marketing expertise. Black Raven Media successfully created a brand and online presence for Sip 'n Kick that not only stands out in the crowded coffee industry but also truly represents the heart and soul of the company.

The collaboration with Sip 'n Kick brought to life a brand that exudes the lively energy of its founder, pays homage to his patriotic roots, and presents an engaging and modern twist on the theme of the Old West. The result is a unique and captivating website that offers an extraordinary customer experience, just as Sip 'n Kick delivers an exceptional coffee experience to their customers.

Furthermore, through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, we ensured that Sip 'n Kick's unique brand reached the right audience. The strategic blend of SEO, content marketing, and social media marketing has increased visibility, improved engagement, and boosted conversions.

This project encapsulates the heart of what Black Raven Media strives to do - transforming businesses through tailored, strategic, and creative marketing efforts. Sip 'n Kick's growth and success are a testament to the long-term value that a well-executed marketing strategy can bring to a business. It's a journey we're proud to have been a part of, and a story we're excited to share.